About us

Mehman-e-Nabawi Travel & Tours (Pvt) Ltd.


We are proud of providing Umrah facilities to the persons who wish to perform Umrah as we provide this service not as a business but as prayer which has resulted us into a one of the best services providers.

Our services include proper staff at Makka to handle the visitors
The staff follows the pilgrims from Jeddah airport and helps them to reach Makka and Medina. May it be the matter of wheel chairs for the passenger or confirmation and reconfirmation of tickets and handling of baggage of the persons our staff is ready to help them round the clock.

It is not out of place to mention here that one of our feature is take all the persons for Ziarates around Makka and Medina in neat and clean and honorable air condition transport.

Every persons who intends to perform Umrah is subjected to a training program so that before leaving Pakistan he may be knowing the necessary things to perform Umrah.

There is another worth mentioning point that we provide proper booklets to the persons performing Hajj and Umrah so that may perform still in better way.


To provide best possible services and to reduce individual grievances we have appointed permanent staff headed by our directors both at Makka and Madianh who help the Hujja-e-karam and persons performing  Umrah round the clock. Their duties include every job which could majestic the pleasure of the Hujja-e-karam and the persons performing Umrah. 

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